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Fred is a baby-like monster appearing in The Binding of Isaac and the Rebirth, which can be encountered in The Womb or Utero. As in the Afterbirth expansion for Rebirth, they can be also encountered in Scarred Womb.

It resembles a smaller version of Scolex or the Rebirth boss Mr. Fred.


Fred fires IPECAC-like shots at Isaac. Fred can also jump out of the ground and towards Isaac and then dive back in, shooting 4 large shots in an X pattern when it does so. It usually does this after firing an IPECAC-like shot or if Isaac is far away.

As in Rebirth, they shoot 4 shots in a + pattern while diving rather than X-shaped.

Eternal Champion Behavior

Eternal Fred's IPECAC shots will home in Isaac's location, it also leaves creep upon explosion. It will also leave 8-way bullets when diving into ground.


  • In Rebirth, they can be spawned by the boss Mr. Fred.
  • In the Afterbirth expansion for Rebirth, from the Scarred Womb chapter, their burrows are palish brown in color to match the floor's color.


  • In Rebirth, their skin has more of a red tint than in the original game.
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