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Isaac Fate

The ability to fly allows the character to get over obstacles that would usually be either insurmountable (such as Rocks and Pits), or inflict damage (such as Spikes and Creep trails).

Thus, it is a very advantageous ability that often makes it far easier for the player to dodge enemies or their projectiles. This is especially true when the monsters can't fly themselves, occasionally making rocks and particularly pits a safe place to stay (when fighting Globins, for example). Having spectral shots (e.g. through the Ouija Board) can help too, since this allows shooting tears when flying above rocks.

Items That Grant Flight[]


On Use[]

These items only grant flight for the duration of one room when used:

Flying Monsters[]

Jumping Monsters[]

These monsters don't have the ability to fly, yet move in hops to get over obstacles.

Flying Bosses[]


  • Unlike other obstacles, Keystones will still block Isaac, even if he has flight.
    • The same is also true for Cobwebs, which still slow Isaac down, even with flight.
  • The Ladder allows "building bridges", which allows Isaac to ge across pits with the length of a single tile.
  • Except for a level 3 and 4 Meat Boy, all Familiars have the ability to fly.
  • The Mask + Heart enemy appears to have flight, but it cannot actually fly over obstacles.


  • There used to be a bug that allowed entering and leaving closed doors of Challenge Rooms, making it easy to access them even while not having full health and most importantly grabbing the item inside them without being required to fight. This was fixed in the Wrath of the Lamb v1.15 update.