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Eternal God

The Eternal Transformation is a special transformation added in the Eternal Edition update for the Wrath of the Lamb DLC expansion.

It is the second transformation featured in the entire game, with the first being Guppy.


Exclusive to Hard Mode, this transformation was unlocked by obtaining seven or more heart containers with specific items or Eternal Hearts. It gives Isaac's body a white tincture like the rest of the eternal enemy and boss champions, a pair of angelic wings for flight (similar to The Bible effect), and an increased damage bonus.

Related Achievements[]

Eternal Life Eternal Life - Gain 7 health upgrades from Eternal Hearts.


  • Somehow, the Eternal Transformation can be also triggered when playing on normal mode, despite being Hard Mode-exclusive.
  • The effects can carry over between runs, unlike guppy, allowing challenges like The Purist to be beaten with ease.


  • This transformation is somewhat similar to the Seraphim transformation from Rebirth.