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Eden is a playable character introduced in The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth. Eden is unique in a way that its stats are completely randomized, and you get a limited amount of plays with them depending on how many Eden Tokens are in your possession. Eden is unlocked by defeating Mom's Heart for the first time.

Eden Tokens are obtained through beating Mom's Heart, Mega Satan, or Ultra Greed with any character. For each victory against these bosses, you gain 1 Eden Token, which allows one run with Eden per token. When selecting Eden while starting a new game, a token is consumed. When there are no tokens left, you cannot play as Eden anymore until you've beaten one of these bosses again. Restarting a run with Eden will consume one Eden Token.

Eden appears as a character with entirely white hair, with a greatly varying hair style which is selected at random at the beginning of each session.





  • The name "Eden" is most likely a reference to the Garden Of Eden, especially mentioned in Genesis where Adam and Eve were residing before committing the first sin.
  • Edmund McMillen confirmed that Eden is neither male nor female.
  • Edmund asked the fans to contribute to the hair styles.


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