Isaac Rebirth

The Dry Baby is a passive item added to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is a bony baby which seems to be dehydrated and looks like a mummy.


Dry baby loosely follows Isaac around like most other familiars; however it neither shoots bullets nor deals contact damage. Instead, it can block hostile projectiles like orbitals. By moving carefully, the player can place Dry Baby in a suitable direction to block bullets.

Hitting Dry Baby with a projectile has a high chance to activate it. Its eyes will flash red and activate the Necronomicon effect, dealing 40 damage to all enemies in current room.

This effect can be triggered an unlimited amount of times.


GM4X 1ZST, 7HJA 4PEY, XGX4 4CEA, VK4V, 2MBY(Head down on the first floor), SRDS ZQ1B.