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Dips (also known as Lil Poopers from Dingle's concept art[1]) are enemies appearing as small droplets of dung added to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They are one of the most common enemies to be found in almost every chapters from Rebirth.

In the Afterbirth expansion, Dips are added to new alternative chapters.


Dips are fairly weak monsters. They move around aimlessly by small dashes in random directions. They deal minimal damage to the character if contacted.

Unlike other monsters, instead of exploding into a puddle of blood when killed, they will explode into a small puddle of poop chunks. That also goes to other poop-related monsters.



  • The word "dip" means to put or let something down quickly or briefly in or into (liquid).
  • Dips are the only monsters so far to have an alternate name as shown from Dingle's concept art, being called "Lil Poopers".
  • Dip is one of the monsters to explode something else upon death instead of blood or gore; Four others are Dinga, Squirts, Dank Squirts, and Corn Dips.
  • From one of the official artworks of Wrath of the Lamb, there are each small droplet-like enemies from both sides between the horned skull that bears a stunning resemblance to Dips.


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