Dingle (ディングル Dinguru), also known as the Pooper from the concept art, is a mostly stationary boss and encountered in The Basement.


Dingle is a large scoop of poop with beady eyes and a smile with three teeth. From his V.S. artwork, he sports with rosy cheeks.


Dingle has a total of three attacks, which happen in no particular order. The attacks are as follows:

  • Triple shot of bullets. This occurs directly after he smirks.
  • Summoning Dips. He will fire another triple shot after this without warning.
  • Charging (occurs after squinting his eyes and cheeks swelling). Dingle will charge at the character up to 3 times before getting worn out.

Once defeated, Dingle's eyes change while he crumbles into nothing.


  • When Dingle smirks, move around to another one of his sides while shooting him. His tears do not track the character and are already aimed when he smirks, so they will never hit them if they move around to another side of him.
  • When he spawns squirts, the character can either ignore them or take them out - however it is recommended that the player kill all of them once the amount of Dips reach around 5.
  • When Dingle starts to charge at the character, it is recommended that they do not try to attack him. Concentrate on dodging, then attack when he gets worn out.
    • In Afterbirth DLC, the "Flush" item will instantly kill Dingle. Conversely, the Butt Bombs will heal him.


Rebirth Dingle

Dingle as seen from the leaked image posted by Edmund McMillen.

  • The name "Dingle" comes from the crude term, "dingleberry".
  • Dingle is a first boss in Rebirth to be revealed by Edmund McMillen.[1]
    • Dingle is also referred to as male.
  • Dingle Concept

    Concept art of Dingle.

    Dingle is one of the bosses to have a concept art; two others are Rag Man and Little Horn.
  • From the game's files, there is a text entitled "Jingle" (as shown from the infobox above) which turns out to be a misspelled name for Dingle. Strangely, a text for Dingle's correct name doesn't exist in the game's files.
  • Dingle is one of the bosses not to explode into blood and gore upon death; four others are Dangle, Brownie, Isaac, and ???.


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