A room present in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth possessing a purplish red tint with an embossing of a D6 on the ground. Standing on the die induces the room's effect. The number of pips visible varies and determines what effect the room will have.

The room must be unlocked with two keys.


  • 1 pip - Rerolls all of the items on the player. This does not affect trinkets, pills or cards, but can change an activated item into a passive one.
  • 2 pips - Rerolls the pickups in the room like the D20.
  • 3 pips - Rerolls all pickups for the entire floor. It doesn't change treasure room, store, or boss drop items.
  • 4 pips - Rerolls any items that have appeared on the floor but weren't previously grabbed like the D6
  • 5 pips - Rerolls and restarts the current floor, same as the effect of Forget Me Now.
  • 6 pips - Combined effect of 1, 3 and 4 pips. Rerolls all items on the player, and rerolls all pickups and items on the entire floor like a D20, D6 and D4.


  • If the room has 2, 3 or 6 pips, it usually will contain several pickups or chests.
  • If the player's items are rerolled, previous items remain on "My stuff!" page in the pause menu. Exiting the game and continuing will change the "My stuff!" page to the items currently owned.

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