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From this article, it contains a list of few features that never used in The Binding of Isaac games. However, they still can be found within the game files as well as the artbook for the original The Binding of Isaac game.

The Binding of Isaac


Unnamed Miniboss

Page 2

From the top left side of the artbook on page 2, there is a floating, demon-like miniboss monster bearing some resemblance to the Dark One from Rebirth.

According to its attack methods, it can do a dash attack, spit 3 projectiles, and plus-shaped (+) projectiles in a similar manner of Loki. It also can summon Leeches.

Mirror Demon

From the top center of the artbook on page 2, there is also a monster called "Mirror Demon". It resembles a demon with three eyes, sharp fangs, and short horns. Its only known attack is spitting out 3 projectiles.

Due to its slight similarities with the Evil Twin enemy, it is unknown if it was just an early version of the Evil Twin.

Room Layouts

A list of unused room layouts.


Basement rooms: B1, B2

Cellar rooms: B1


Caves rooms: A9, AA

Catacombs rooms: AA

The Depths/Necropolis

Depths rooms: 9A, 9B

Necropolis rooms: 9B

The Womb/Utero

The Womb rooms: 89

Utero rooms: 89


Sheol rooms: 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 5A, 5B, 5C

Cathedral rooms: 5C

The Chest

The Chest rooms: 06, 07


Pressure Plates

PressurePlates Pressure Plates, also known as buttons, could have served as some sort of obstacle. Although they can not be found in the game in Rebirth, they were added in Afterbirth.

Various half-hearts

SoulHalves Half soul and black hearts can be found in the files, but never in-game.

Colored Obstacles

ColoredDestructibles There are colored versions of Vases, Mushrooms, and a Skull in the game files. It's possible these obstacles could have acted like Tinted Rocks.

Sisters Vis

SistersVisUnlock A boss variation of Vis that would have been found in the Sheol. Sisters Vis is also a boss in Gish, one of Edmund McMillen's games.

Unused 12 Room Charge

BOIRebirth12Charge By editing the game's "items.xml" file and setting an item to maxcharges=12, the 12 room charge bar can be seen in-game. In Afterbirth, the 12 room charge bar is used for Mega Blast.

Breath of Life Animation


Unused Jar Charges




Old Man Keeper

Main article: Old Man Keeper

Old Man Keeper is a playable character who was intended to be added in the Afterbirth DLC. It was assumed that he is ultimately replaced by Keeper.

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