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A dead dove, emitting a white light.


Isaac's face appears soulless, and his lower body is replaced by a white ghost-like appendage. Grants Isaac spectral tears and flight.


  • The Dead Dove is possibly a reference to a gag in Arrested Development. After a dove meant for a magic trick dies, it's stored in a freezer. Michael, one of the main characters, looks in the fridge and finds a bag labeled "DEAD DOVE / Do Not Eat!" Upon opening it, he states, "I don't know what I expected."
  • It is basically the Angel Room counterpart of Spirit Of The Night.
  • The graphic for this item closely resembles the dove in the stain glass alabaster window, Dove of the Holy Spirit by Gian Lorenzo Bernini found in Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.
  • In Christian lore, the Holy Ghost is usually represented by a White Dove.