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Dark was the Night is Challenge #1 from the Wrath of the Lamb expansion.

Once Dark was the Night has been chosen, you will begin the game, as normal. However, you will notice that the Curse of Darkness effect will take place. This is the gimmick of this challenge, and the Curse of Darkness effect will always take in every floor. The goal is to defeat Mom. Treasure Rooms are present.


Dark was the Night is one of the easiest challenges to overcome. Nothing changes gameplay wise, and it actually nullifies some shop items, which leads you to saving some of your coins.


  • As for almost all challenges, the We Need To Go Deeper! item must be avoided, and that also applies to accessing the I AM ERROR room (unless you have the Teleport! item). Otherwise, you will not beat the challenge normally, and instead go to Chapter 4 (The Womb/Utero) levels.
  • Because the "Curse of Darkness" effect is permanently enabled, some items will be either less useful, or downright useless. These items include:
  • In particular, an item that you want is X-Ray Vision, due to its capability of helping players to access the Secret Rooms easier, since they will be much harder to find due to the "Curse of Darkness" effect. Other than that, all of Isaac's general strategies will work here.


The Candle The Candle - Complete Dark was the Night (challenge #1).

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