Isaac Rebirth

The Dark One (ダーク・ワン Dāku Wan) is a boss that was introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


Dark One ingame
He shares similarities to The Fallen but with a more grim visage and lack of wings. Despite lacking wings, he still can fly. He has longer horns and a tail, fangs, and red eyes.


The Dark One moves around the room slowly as it makes one of all his attacks which are:

  • Quickly charge through the room to the left or right twice in a row.After he left the screen he will appear from the other side in a similar pattern as the harbingers; However,he can also move up or down slightly towards Isaac,like the blue champion version of Famine, instead of charging completely horizontally; on top of that,he uses this attack not only when you horizontally line with him. Even if you are half a screen vertically away from him, he may also perform charging. However, horizontally lining with him would make him charge more often.
  • 8-Way blood shot covering all directions.
  • Fires a Brimstone Laser if you are directly below him (very similar to The Bloat`s brimstone attack).
  • He smirks, making the whole room darker for a few seconds like the curse of darkness, making players harder to recognize and dodge his other attacks. He uses this attack randomly.


The most effective way for players who are lack speed is to stay above The Dark One, since he cannot use his brimstone to damage the player behind him and he will perform his charging less often.If he charges, the player can go downwards to make him move down too,and then quickly move back to his upward side.

It is not recommended to try to shoot at him horizontally while he is charging, because it is very uneffective and may leave the player harmed if they are not fast enough.

Simply increase the 'Gamma' in the options menu to mitigate the darkness this boss can cause.


  • Multiple Dark One can be frequently found in regular rooms in Sheol and the Dark Room. In this occasion, their curse of darkness attack will not stack.
  • From his "V.S" sprite, his horns are colored grey. His horns from the in-game sprite, however, are black.

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