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Unused Cutscene1

The cutscene displayed after exiting the level.

Cutscenes are short random scene clips that usually occur upon completing each level. The cutscenes mostly involve with Isaac's thought bubbles, displaying his life and misfortunes. There is a total of 10 animated cutscenes.

List of Cutscenes[]

  • Isaac slowly suffocating inside the locked chest, breathing heavily.
  • Isaac getting poop shot by two mooning children.
  • Isaac receives a gift from mom and opens it, only finding a poop in it. He then gets teased by the kid.
  • Alternatively, Isaac receives a wig as a gift from mom. He tries it on, but gets teased by the kid regardless.
  • Isaac attempts to show his kindness to the girl out by trying to give her flowers, but the kid pulls his pants down and the girl laughs at him, much to Isaac's humiliation.
  • Isaac is outside holding a flower and gets hit in the face by a ball. The kid shows up and laughs at him.
  • Isaac is at the public restroom, and gets frustrated when he noticed that the toilet papers are all out.
  • Alternatively, while sitting on the toilet, a couple of kids line up and opened the bathroom door to bully Isaac.
  • Isaac enters the basement door and ends up falling to his death.
  • Isaac hugging mom's legs to show his compassion but keeps getting shoved off by them.


  • In The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, the cutscene where Isaac gets bullied in the bathroom was not re-used. It was finally added upon the Repentance DLC's release.



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