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This article contains a list of features that were never used in The Binding of Isaac. However, they still can be found within the game files as well as concept materials from the artbook.

Cancelled 2nd DLC[]

After the Wrath of the Lamb DLC's release, the second expansion for The Binding of Isaac was considered, but due to Flash's limitations and corrupted files, it was shelved and reworked into a full remake: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is unknown what content this DLC would have include before end up getting reused for Rebirth.


Pumpkin Mask[]

Unknown item

The Pumpkin Mask was an activated item that was intended to be dropped by Krampus. Originally, Krampus, with the Pumpkin Mask, would have comprised the entire Halloween update, however Edmund and Florian were unsatisfied with that and the Pumpkin Mask was eventually replaced by A Lump Of Coal.[1] In Rebirth, a similar item was made called Head of Krampus.


The Pumpkin Mask in-game.

When activated, the Pumpkin Mask was intended to allow Isaac to fire a four-directional blood beam like The Fallen's. Currently, the Pumpkin Mask acts the same as A Lump Of Coal when obtained.

Unknown Zelda-Like Item[]

Based on the filename for an unused item pick-up sound clip, there was originally going to be an item similar to The Legend of Zelda.


Hair Lip[]


A scrapped monster from one of Edmund's old concept arts for the game was called "Hair Lip". It is a circular-shaped smiling creature with, hence its name, a cleft lip, along with stubby limbs and wears chain bracelets. This enemy was later evolved into Monstro.

Mr. Cotten[]

Another scrapped enemy has a similar design to the hanged Shopkeeper albeit longer arms and missing legs. It was later evolved into the Hanger.

Demon Miniboss[]

Page 2

From the top left side of the artbook on page 2, there is a floating, demon-like miniboss monster bearing some resemblance to the Dark One from Rebirth.

According to its plan list of attack methods, it can do a dash attack, spit 3 projectiles, and plus-shaped (+) projectiles in a similar manner of Loki. It also can summon Leeches.

Considering that page 2 contains feature ideas for Halloween Update, it may be possible that the demon miniboss was an earlier version of The Fallen.

Room Layouts[]

A list of unused room layouts.


Basement rooms: B1, B2

Cellar rooms: B1


Caves rooms: A9, AA

Catacombs rooms: AA

The Depths/Necropolis[]

Depths rooms: 9A, 9B

Necropolis rooms: 9B

The Womb/Utero[]

The Womb rooms: 89

Utero rooms: 89


Sheol rooms: 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 5A, 5B, 5C

Cathedral rooms: 5C

The Chest[]

The Chest rooms: 06, 07


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