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Curse of the Tower is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC.


  • When Isaac gets hit, six Troll Bombs spawn in the room and explode.


  • The troll bombs spawned by this item damage both enemies and Isaac.
  • Taking damage from the troll bombs from this item will not re-activate the item.
  • Taking this item will make Devil Beggars and Blood Donation Machines much harder to use because they will most likely be destroyed by the bombs.


  • Bomber Boy: The troll bombs will take the effect of the item, making dodging the bombs much harder.
  • Scatter Bombs: Each bomb will explode into 2-4 smaller bombs.


  • Pyromaniac: Explosions heal for one heart.
  • Remote Detonator: The item must be activated to explode the troll bombs, efficiently giving the player infinite time to reposition themselves and/or the bombs.
  • Sad Bombs: The spawned bombs shoot 10 of Isaac's current tears, dealing more damage to enemies in the room.
  • Safety Scissors: Defuse all the spawned bombs into bomb pickups.


  • This item appears to be a burnt XVI - The Tower card.
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