Cricket's Body gives you splash tears and tears up. If the tears hit the ground, an object, or enemy, they will split into 4 smaller tears.

This item also decreases your range by 2.

Caution, it works also with some Activated Items such as Bob's Rotten Head. So after the initial explosion, four more Bob Heads spawn and explode.

The Splash damage is affected by Lump of Coal.

To get this item in the first item room, type in this seed: 3XWV 31PG


Mutant Spider - All four fired tears will always split into four smaller tears with no decrease in firing rate, dealing damage over a larger area.

IPECAC - Upon exploding, the IPECAC shot will fragment into four more smaller tears, causing a total of five explosions. This causes a tremendous amount of damage very quickly, but if the first tear is fired while running forward, the four split tears will travel very far from the impact point and endanger the player.

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