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Cobwebs are environmental tiles added with the Wrath of the Lamb DLC. They are found in The Cellar and Necropolis. Cobwebs slow down Isaac and his projectiles when crossed over.


  • Cobwebs can be destroyed by explosions.
  • Cobwebs can be covered by Poops (from a boss, Mysterious Candy or The Poop) and the image and the effects will disappear
  • If a projectile is slowed down, this will also reduce the distance the projectile can travel (depending on the Range stat).
  • Flying over the web will also slow Isaac down.
  • Familiars will also have their tears slowed down.
  • If Isaac has spectral tears (Due to the Ouija Board or other items), tears will not be slowed down.
  • Entering a Curse Room while caught in a cobweb will prevent the player from losing the initial half a heart damage.


  • This may be a reference to the game Minecraft, in which when you place a cobweb, the person will slow down if they run through it.