Clotty (塊の多いです Katamari no ōidesu) is a monster that can be randomly found on any floor, ranging from The Basement to The Cathedral.


Clotty appears to be a living blob of blood with a bone in its head, making its appearance to resemble a meat.


Clotty slowly crawls in random directions, shooting blood projectiles in the cardinal directions every three seconds, making it hard to hit without taking damage. If there are multiple Clotties in a room, the use of bombs or activated items like The Necronomicon is highly recommended. Having spectral or homing tears will make engagements with them much easier as well.

Purple champions fire blood projectiles every second.

Eternal Champion Behavior

Eternal Clotty shoots 4 blood shots in "+" pattern 3 times in one rapid session while shooting several additional shots in random direction. It also will slowly move toward Isaac.


  • They can be spawned by Mom.
    • They can be also spawned by Mega Clotty, and also 2 after killing Mega Clot. (Coin?)


  • They appear in the original game.
  • Its Japanese name, Katamari no ōidesu, off-topically translates to "It is lumpy".
  • Their appearance may based on Super Meat Boy, the main protagonist from the game of the same name also developed by Edmund McMillen.
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