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Chubbers are unique type of Vises first added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for the original game, and appear in the Rebirth remake. They look identical to the normal Vis, but have a pale green-colored maggot merging from their severed necks which assumed to be a Charger.


Chubby Vis

Chubber from the original game.

Instead of shooting the blood beam that regular Vis, Double Vis, Cage Vis, and Scarred Double Vis have, Chubber shoots a Charger, similar to the Little Chubby Familiar, which can go through rocks. They can be found in the same locations as Double Vises can; However, they are less common.

While their projectiles are easier to dodge, they can be more of a distraction than their other counterparts and deal a full heart of damage instead. In addition, they usually seem to appear in larger numbers than other Vis and/or in rooms with less room to move around.

A Chubber is not considered dead until the Charger returns to where the Chubber used to be and disappears. This Charger can still harm Isaac and will prevent the doors of a room from opening until it disappears.

Eternal Champion Behavior

Eternal Chubber acts similar to original Chubber, but the Charger it shoots will leave creep.


  • If the Chubber is killed before the Charger returns to its body, it will still return to the last location and simply disappear upon touching it.
  • Strangely, the Charger deals 1 full heart damage while making contact with its body only deals half a heart damage.


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