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This article is about the item. For the chapter, see the Chest.

Chests are items which contain other items, and are often rewards for progressing through the game and finding hidden secrets. There are two main types of Chests, Golden Chests and Normal Chests. Most of the chests are spawned in locations which require the use of a pickup or an item to get to. Chests can also rarely spawn after beating a room or killing a "champion" version of a normal enemy. In challenge rooms, plain or golden chests are most commonly spawned.

Regular Chests[]


2 chests, one slightly smaller than the other one


Regular Chests contains one to three of the following items:

  • Random amount of Coins: Amount can vary from a single one to several.
  • Key item
  • Bomb item
  • Heart Item
  • Nickel

If not containing these, it contains:

Golden Chests[]

Golden Chest

Golden Chests cost one key to unlock. The contents are the same as regular chests, but also has a chance of dropping more pickups (up to 5, excluding coins of which it can drop more) and occasionally it contains a random item. On rare occasions, it can contain Fate.

Items that can spawn in Golden Chests:


  • Cricket's Head

Red Chests[]

Red Chest
Wrath of the Lamb includes red chests. Majority of these chests can be found in Curse Rooms and sometimes in Super Secret Rooms. Rarely, these are spawned in normal rooms, in Challenge Rooms, or by clearing a room. One of the Trinkets, Left Hand, can make all chests spawn as red chests. Red Chests may contain any one of the following:
Red Chest Contents Flowchart

For a full breakdown of each contents' probability, see the flowchart to the right.

End Chest[]

End Chest

The final type of chest spawns after beating the final boss. Touching it ends a successful run and will play the accordant ending. Although, if you are carrying the Polaroid, and reach the end of The Cathedral, the End Chest will take you to another "bonus" floor, called "The Chest". Likewise, holding the The Negative and touching the End Chest of Sheol will transport you to The Dark Room.

Blue Chest[]

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These have a chance to appear in the angel room with the Afterbirth DLC, and requires a key to be opened. Blue chests can be used infinitly with the Golden Key, or 99 times with the Skeleton Key. When a blue chest gets opened and has nothing inside, you can't use it anymore.


  • A golden chest might spawn inside of a chest (either a regular or a golden one). It will be slightly smaller. This can happen multiple times. Whether the chest contents get worse with shrinking size is unknown.
    • If you exit the room, without opening it, then re-enter the chest becomes normal sized.
  • Since red chests can teleport you to the devil room, and devil rooms have a chance of having Krampus, there is a small chance that red chests will teleport you to Krampus.
  • If all the items from the golden chest item pool have been picked up in 1 run, the golden chest will be forced to spawn items from the treasure room item pool upon spawning an item.