Chargers are a more advanced form of Maggot, and they're encountered more often as well, first appearing in Chapter 2 and then Chapter 3.


They resemble maggots with visible eyes and mouth. It's revealed that they have long teeth, as seen while charging toward the character.


They possess a smiling face of sorts, and look quite harmless as they slowly crawl along without attempting to follow Isaac. If a Charger lines up with Isaac vertically or horizontally without any obstruction, they will immediately and quickly charge in a straight line towards him. Because they're always encountered in groups of at least four, avoiding them can quickly becomes a problem.

Chargers do not seem to notice Isaac unless he is moving. If Isaac stands still and a Charger lines up with him, they will continue crawling without attacking him.

Eternal Champion Behavior

Eternal Charger leaves green creep while moving. After certain time, it will change into an Eternal Sack (the sack will not shoot Spiders). And eventually, it will become a stronger Eternal Fat Fly that shoots 3 projectiles.

  • The whole progress is very similar to how maggots grow up to flies.


  • Chargers can be spawned by Chub, Sloth, Pestilence, and Fistula (only upon destruction of smallest parts).
    • They are also spawned upon the destruction of the Green Champion version of The Hollow's body segments.


  • They appear in the original game.
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