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Xxx form2 Isaac Rebirth Keeper sprite An alternative to Sheol. The Cathedral is a level that becomes available after defeating It Lives in the The Womb/Utero. You enter The Cathedral via a beam of light shining from the top of the screen. It was added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC.

Once inside, the player faces a multitude of sub-boss rooms, culminating in a boss fight against a crying Isaac. Unless you use The Joker card or otherwise teleport to a Devil Room, or enter a Curse Room, The Cathedral does not contain any Devil Room items. The Cathedral features Isaac as its boss, and reveals a new ending upon defeating him. Most of the Cathedral's windows show images of Isaac crying.


  • 1: The room will always appear once in this floor
  • Possible: There is a chance for this room to appear, usually due to certain criteria being met
  • *: This room can only appear due to a bug or special item
  • !: The room will work another way as known from other chapters
  • -: The room cannot appear in this floor.

Rooms with the core game
Rooms Cathedral Note
Regular Rooms 22-26
Treasure room icon Treasure Room -
Shop icon Shop -
Secret room icon Secret Room 1
BossRoomIcon Boss Room 1
Challegne room icon Challenge Room Possible Will only be generated if Isaac has full health while entering the floor.
Arcade icon Arcade -
Super secret room icon Devil Room * *Only reachable by The Joker card.
Super secret room icon I AM ERROR - It is not possible to teleport to the I AM ERROR room in the Cathedral.
Rooms with Wrath of the Lamb
Rooms Cathedral Note
Super secret room icon Super Secret Room 1
Curse room icon Curse Room Possible
Sacrifice room icon Sacrifice Room Possible
Angel room icon Angel Room * *Only reachable by The Joker card.
Libary icon Library Possible 5% base chance to spawn, 25% if Isaac is holding a book.
Boss challenge room Boss Challenge Room Possible


Monster Description WotL DLC
Eternal Fly
White fly
Invulnerable Fly that circles Corny PoopNuttypoop, Holy LeechesHoly leech or HangersHang man.
Flies slowly towards Isaac, exploding into an IPECAC shot upon death which targets other Spits in the room, or Isaac.
Gazing Globin
Globin 2
Quickly walks towards Isaac, dealing one heart of contact damage. Turns into a pile of goo and slides away after taking enough damage, where it can be killed. Will regenerate after a short amount of time if not killed quickly.
Moves around the room, firing 4 tar shots in an X pattern.
Holy Leech
Holy leech
Quickly charges towards Isaac when he gets in its line of sight. Explodes with a large blast radius upon death. Has an Eternal FlyWhite fly circling it.
Spike trap
Quickly slides towards Isaac when he gets in front of it.
Angelic Baby
Angel baby
Fires 3 blood shots at once at Isaac, has much more health than regular Babies.
Hang man
Floats around the room, firing 3 blood shots at Isaac. Has an Eternal FlyWhite fly circling it.
Stone Grimace
Stationary and invulnerable monster that fires a fast-moving blood shot at Isaac. Stops firing when room is cleared.
Minibosses (7 Sins) found in normal rooms:
Usually paired with another Sloth. Fires IPECAC shots at Isaac, while occasionally spawning ChargersCharger
Usually paired with another Greed. Fires 3 fast moving projectiles in Isaac's direction, which will cause him to lose Coins when hit. Can spawn two HoppersHopper at once.
Bosses found in normal rooms:
Spawns Spiders and occasionally Sacks. Lays down white Creep along with the Sacks, which will slow Isaac down, but not damage him. Moves around by hopping large distances toward Isaac, and can travel nearly the entire length of the room in one jump.
Gurdy Jr.
Spawns Pooters regularly, and can fire blood shots in all 8 directions. Will occasionally charge towards Isaac at very high speeds, bouncing off walls.
Floats around the room diagonally, splitting into smaller, faster versions every time it takes damage. Smallest versions spawn a ChargerCharger when killed.
Headless Horseman (Head only)
Headless head ingame
Charges around the room 3 times, in a pattern similar to War. Occasionally fires 3 blood shots at Isaac at once.
Headless Horseman
230x200-Headless Horseman
Two separate enemies, each consisting of 50% of the health bar. The head can charge around the room 3 times, in a pattern similar to War, and will occasionally fires 3 blood shots at Isaac at once. The body will move around the room relatively slowly, and will behave like Sloth's second phase, firing IPECAC-like blood shots at Isaac.
Charges to the left or right of the room, returning close to his previous spot upon charging 3 times. Fires 8 fast-moving blood shots in all directions. Occasionally goes to the top of the room, becoming invulnerable and spawning multiple Troll BombsTroll bomb

Upon reaching 50% of his health, he will lose his horse and instead start walking towards Isaac at high speeds, dealing contact damage. During this phase, he can sometimes stop and drop to the ground, making him more vulnerable to damage.


Spawns four scythes in random areas of the room, making them whirl towards Isaac.

Upon reaching 50% of his health, he dismounts his horse, which starts charging around the room in a pattern similar to War. The horse can now be destroyed, but it will not damage Death's health bar. Death himself will start spawning KnightsKnights

Loki full
Constantly fires 4 blood shots in a plus or cross pattern, and sometimes in all 8 directions at once. Occasionally teleports around the room. Can spawn Boom FliesBoomfly
Monstro II
285x230-MonstroII full

Hops around the room in the direction of Isaac, similar to Monstro. Will fire Brimstone-like blood beams at Isaac if Isaac is directly right or left of him. Will occasionally launch into the air and land, twice in a row. Upon the first landing, 8 large, radial blood shots will fire, and upon the second landing, will spawn four Suckers around him (occasionally a Spit in place of one of the Suckers).

Daddy Long Legs
VS DaddyLonglegs
Floating enemy that can stomp his feet down on the room. When he goes up to the ceiling, he will start stomping one foot at a time, each one tracking Isaac, similar to the Satan fight. When coming down from the ceiling, he will stomp his head down, firing 8 blood shots in all directions. Can spawn two Spiders at once.




  • If playing one of the Challenges, it is not possible to reach the Cathedral, as the challenge parameters require you to defeat Mom, Mom's Heart, or Satan, and either end the playthrough upon completion of those parameters, or only give you a trapdoor to Sheol, in the case of Isaac Was Good Today. The exception to this is The Purist challenge, which is the only challenge that actually requires you to defeat Isaac in the Cathedral.


  • Using a Forget Me Now in the Cathedral will cause you to spawn in Sheol. You can use this to defeat Isaac then warp to Sheol to defeat Satan in the same run.
  • The Cathedral's Bosses were subject to many changes in the past versions of WotL:
    • Prior to 1.15 Triachnid would replace Isaac permanently if you fought him with the Polaroid once (a glitch in earlier versions; (As of 1.333, Triachnid is now an unlockable version of Daddy Long Legs))
    • From version 1.15 up to prior to 1.3 ??? would replace Isaac permanently if you fought him with the Polaroid once.
  • If a character dies in the Cathedral, on the death note it says that they died 'in a cold place', possibly referencing the Cathedral being a 'heaven-like' place, or possibly meaning that the Cathedral shares some programming with Sheol.
  • While fighting Isaac, if you use The Bible during the fight, you will automatically lose.
  • The Cathedral's music sounds like it has one verse to it; it sounds like it says: "Libero ne tu salve", Latin roughly translating to: "I shall not free you unharmed." This may be a reference to how it is very difficult to beat the cathedral without taking damage. It could also allude to how Isaac is trying to escape the horrible sins he felt he's committed, but escaping them isn't easy, (going through the Basement/Cellar, Caves/Catacombs, The Depths/Necropolis, Womb/Utero, Sheol/Cathedral, and The Chest, without taking damage is incredibly difficult!); thus, the verse to the music has an obvious meaning.


  • The Cathedral's light may not appear after defeating Mom's Heart, as shown above, making it impossible to go there. Leaving the room and re-entering will not fix this.
  • There is a bug that can occur when switching from the Cathedral to the Chest: If the chest is touched, but the player manages to run out of the room through the door, the floor will become the Chest.
    • Since the game couldn't generate any structure, the map will be the same as the cathedral.
    • All normal rooms will be replaced with rooms that look and act like the Chest rooms. Such as, rooms with 4 Slides in four corners of the room, or rooms with Red Poop blocking all entrances to the door.
    • In addition, the Boss room will be empty, making the player unable to continue. Only the use of the Forget Me Now will refresh the level to the Chest.


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