Bosses are strong monsters the player must fight in order to progress to the next floor. At the end of each floor, the player must fight a boss. The boss will be randomly chosen based on which area the player is currently in. Some bosses can be Champions like normal enemies, which can change their pattern somewhat; this occurs more often once the player has beaten the full game for the sixth time and onward. The posthumous-type bosses are lot stronger than their original counterparts and can only appear in alternative chapters.

Mini-bosses take a role as "minor bosses" and appear randomly every time when entering any rooms. Seven Deadly Sins and their "super" variants are major mini-bosses. Krampus, Uriel, Gabriel, and the Fallen Angels are also mini-bosses and does not relate to the Seven Deadly Sins.


Boss Health Champion color(s) Floor(s)

The Binding of Isaac / Wrath of the Lamb

Monstro button
250 - Grey
- Pink/red
The Basement
Larry Jr button
Larry Jr.
22 (per segment) - Blue
- Green
The Basement
Gemini button
140 (both) - Blue
- Green
The Basement
Duke of Flies button
The Duke of Flies
110 - Green
- Orange
The Basement
The Cellar
Steven button
140 (both) N/A The Basement
Famine button
110 Blue The Basement
The Cellar


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