Cambion Conception is an unlockable passive item. If unlocked, Lilith will start with this item.


After taking damage a certain number of times, Isaac will gain a permanent demonic familiar. The familiars are:

  • The first two familiars will spawn after taking damage 15 times for each one. The other two will spawn after taking damage 30 times for each. To get the maximum amount of familiars, Isaac must take damage 90 times.
  • Only four of the six familiars can spawn for every run, and only one of each can be spawned.


  • If Lilith were to get an Incubus, nothing will happen.
  • If Succubus is spawned, its aura will not increase damage by 50%.
  • Familiars spawned by this item do not affect items pools, so multiple copies of one familiar can be obtained in one run.
  • This is the demonic counterpart to Immaculate Conception

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