The item 'Breath of Life' is an activated item introduced in Binding of Issac: Rebirth. It has 6 bars, but constantly recharges, at about the same rate as Butter Bean, for example. Holding spacebar (or Active Item key) will cause Breath of Life to begin depleting the charge. While the charge is depleting, the player will gain invincibility. Note: this is more like the mercy invincibility gained after taking damage than an invincibility shield granted by the Polaroid, etc. Compatability with blood donation machine, devil beggars, etc. undefined. 

If the Player depletes all charges of the Breath of Life, they will take 1 full heart of damage and the charge will reset. This allows for invincibility to damage for as long as the player has health.

With good timing, the player can use this item to provide invincibility at no cost by releasing spacebar before the charge is depleted, providing limited invincibility for areas that require timing (Passing through spikes to get items, passing through hazards, etc.)

This item can be found in the Angel Deal Item Pool and The Item Room Pool. 

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