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The Boss Rush room is a room-type similar to that of the Devil Room in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It will spawn after defeating Mom in The Depths or Necropolis in under 20 minutes since the start of the game. It appears similar to the entrance to a secret room, but the hole is much larger and eminates a red glow similar to a boss room.

Completing this room is one of the six goals shown on the character select screen, appearing in the middle as a star when completed.

If Mom was a Champion Boss, all Bosses in the room may have a chance of being in Champion form. While it is not a definite, keep this in mind before attempting this challenge.

If you're doing a challenge or playing on a seed and beat the Boss Rush room you will not be rewarded a with the Star Completion Mark.

b=Beating the Boss Rush unlocks a different item depending on which character beat it.


The room is a 69x69 room.

There are 4 items in the center. They are generally rare items.

In Afterbirth, there may be only two items to choose from. Also, items might be blocked by rocks or spikes.

When you take one item, the others disappear, and the Boss Rush begins.

After finishing Boss Rush, you earn an additional item.

An exploit can be done using a teleporting tarot card when in the room, picking up an item and when the bosses spawn, using the item will take you to a certain location (depending on card) and let you keep the item.

If the teleport card is used immediately upon picking up an item it is possible to make your way back to the Boss Rush room to pick up a second item.

The Boss Rush

This Boss Rush covers ONLY enemies from the original Isaac game, and only those between floors 1 through 7. You will not fight any Rebirth exclusives, such as:

  1. Dingle
  2. Gurglings
  3. Mega Fatty
  4. Mega Maw
  5. The Haunt
  6. Dark One
  7. Adversary
  8. The Gate
  9. Mama Gurdy
  10. Mr. Fred
  11. The Cage
  12. The Lamb
  13. Mega Satan

Neither will you fight any bosses to The Womb or Utero, with the exceptions of Blastocyst and Death. List of bosses from this list that you will not see in this room.

  1. Scolex
  2. Satan
  3. Isaac
  4. ???
  5. Mom
  6. Mom's Heart
  7. It Lives
  8. Daddy Long Legs
  9. Conquest
  10. Triachnid
  11. Lokii
  12. Teratoma

They are in a set order, and you will always fight the bosses two at a time. The exact order is below. All bosses from the original Binding of Isaac, if fought before The Womb or Utero, appear in this room. New ones will not appear until the duo are defeated.

Phase 1: Gurdy Jr. and The Blighted Ovum.

Phase 2:  The Wretched and The Carrion Queen

Phase 3: Peep and The Duke of Flies.

Phase 4: Loki and Blastocyst

Phase 5: Steven and Gemini

Phase 6: 3x Larry Jr. and Fistula

Phase 7: Monstro and C.H.A.D.

Phase 8: Gurdy and Chub

Phase 9: Monstro II and Gish

Phase 10: Widow and Pin

Phase 11: 3x The Hollow and The Husk

Phase 12: Mask of Infamy and The Bloat

Phase 13: Famine and Pestilence

Phase 14: War and Death

Last Phase: Headless Horseman and Fallen+

Afterbirth In Afterbirth, all 15 of bosses are now random. Each boss can only spawn once, and two bosses will spawn for each wave.


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