Not to be confused with the active item, IV Bag.

A plastic bag, full of blood.


Isaac gets blood all over his mouth, with his teeth becoming crooked.

Increases available Health by one, Speed by 0.3 and restores five hearts.


  • The Blood Bag has a 1/30 chance of being dropped by a Blood Donation Machine per play if you have not picked up the IV Bag.
  • The chances are 1/15 to drop a Blood Bag if you have already picked up the IV Bag.
  • The Blood Bag and A Dollar rewards can be re-rolled with The Dice.
  • This item can be won and picked up multiple times during one playthrough.
  • The Blood Bag does not restore any hearts for ???, it only adds a Soul Heart.
  • If picked up along with Ipecac, the visual is very off-putting. It looks like somethings going to crawl of the toilet and gobble on your privates.
  • Another thing on visuals, is that it resembles Roid Rage, without the crazy eyes and the slanted mouth.



  • Isaac's mouth bears resemblance to Larry Jr.'s after picking up this item.


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