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Ball of Bandages is an item that was introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It appears to be a small ball made of bandages. It is related to the damsel in distress in another game which Edmund helped make, Super Meat Boy. Multiple Balls of Bandages can be combined to create a Bandage girl familiar.

Balls of Bandages can only be acquired by defeating one of The Harbingers‎‎, and each Harbinger must be defeated in one run to fully form Bandage Girl. This becomes much easier to achieve if the player uses the Book Of Revelations.


Stage 1

The first Ball of Bandage picked up acts as an orbital similar to the Pretty Fly. It damages enemies on contact and blocks projectiles.

Stage 2

The second pick up gives the orbital a rounded face resembling that of Bandage Girl. It still damages enemies on touch and blocks projectiles, but now also fire pink tears which can charm enemies in the direction Isaac is shooting. Charmed enemies will try to attack other enemies in their sight rather that attacking Isaac.

Stage 3

The third pick up gives Bandage Girl a body. She now behaves as a familiar rather than an orbital, and will chase after nearby enemies to deal contact damage, similar to the headless body created by The Pinking Shears item.

However, Stage 3 Bandage Girl has quite a few differences comparing to Stage 3 Meat boy: She is still able to fire charming tears if Isaac press the firing key while she is not dealing contact damage at the moment, and she doesn't push pickups around. Besides this, bandage girl seems not attend to deal contact damage so much as meat boy does.

Stage 4

The fourth and final stage increases Bandage Girl's size and damage.


  • The pickup quote is a reference to the Pokemon quote; Gotta catch "em all!


  • Unlike the vanilla game, the player can now possess any number of Meat Boys and Bandage Girls at the same moment in Rebirth (this can be achieved by combining Sharp Plugs, Wafer, health regenerating items and Monsters Manuel).
  • Super Bandage is now unlocked by making a level four Bandage Girl instead of Meat Boy.
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