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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is the first DLC for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, released on October 30 2015 with new Greed Mode, a new final area with a new final boss, Daily Runs, 120 new items, and more.


  • Blue Womb: A new area, featuring a new ending and final boss.
  • Daily Runs: Daily seeded runs with online leaderboards.
  • Two new characters, Lilith and Keeper.
  • 10 new challenges.
  • 4 new alternate chapters: Burning Basement, Flooded Caves, Dank Depths, and Scarred Womb.
  • Many new room layouts including tiny rooms, long hallways, and L-shaped rooms.
  • New room types like trap rooms, double treasure rooms, and closets.
  • New special seeds, along with a seed code combo page.
  • An expanded soundtrack.
  • An extra HUD option, allowing items picked up to be displayed on-screen.
  • 9 new transformations.
  • New bosses, along with new variations of bosses introduced in Rebirth.
  • New monsters.
  • Updated item combo system.
  • New achievements.
  • New co-op babies.
  • An improved collection page that shows item descriptions.
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