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9 Deaths is Challenge #4 added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion.

The player starts off with the Dead Cat item, and the player's goal is to defeat Mom. Treasure Rooms are present.


Due to starting with Dead Cat, Isaac gets 9 Lives, but his health is set to one heart, and he always resurrects with one heart only. This makes it difficult to get a good amount of health, and so be able to beat the harder bosses, as death will always mean going back to one heart container.


  • Try leaving some health upgrades in the floor until you are ready to leave, unless you absolutely need them, because if you were to lose a life your health would be reset again. Also use your lives to your advantage in earlier floors (purchasing a lethal devil deal, getting out of a bad room, blood donation machines, etc.)
  • It is recommended that if you try to unlock Guppy's Hair Ball with this challenge, as you already have 1/3 of the requirements.
  • As for almost all challenges, the We Need To Go Deeper! item must be avoided, and that also applies to accessing the I AM ERROR room (unless you have the Teleport! item). Otherwise, you will not beat the challenge normally, and instead go to Chapter 4 (The Womb/Utero) levels.


Guppys Tail Guppy's Tail - Complete 9 Deaths (challenge #4).


  • "9 Deaths" is a spoof to the infamous myth that cats have nine lives.


  • Sometimes, Guppy's Tail can be still obtainable before beating the challenge. It is confirmed that this bug went unfixed in the Eternal Edition update.
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