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In-Game []



The Sad Onion Icon-1- The Sad Onion
Moms Knife Mom's Knife
Parasite The Parasite
Number one Number One
Dr Fetus Icon Dr. Fetus
Rosary Rosary
Magneto Magneto
Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk
Bloodofthemartyr Blood of the Martyr
Brotherbobby Brother Bobby
Xray vision X-Ray Vision
Less than Three <3
Minimushroom Mini Mush
Max's Head Max's Head
Charm of the Vampire Charm of the Vampire
Growth Hormones Growth Hormones
Sister Maggy Icon Sister Maggy
Boom big Boom!
DistantAdmiration Distant Admiration
Magic mushroom Magic Mushroom
My reflection My Reflection
Moms Eyes Mom's Eye
The Inner Eye The Inner Eye
Spoon bender Spoon Bender
Roid rage Roid Rage
Technology Icon Technology
Cupidsarrow Cupid's Arrow
Bucket Of Lard Bucket of Lard
Eve's Dead Bird2 Dead Bird
Cold1 The Common Cold
Bobby-bomb Bobby-Bomb
Moneypower Money = Power
FFS Demon Baby Demon Baby
Halo of flies Halo of Flies
The Halo The Halo
Guardian Angel Icon Guardian Angel
Wafer The Wafer
Wiggle worm Wiggle Worm
Lokishorns Loki's Horns
Luckyfoot Lucky Foot
The Virus The Virus
Quarter A Quarter
Skeleton Key Skeleton Key
Robo-baby Robo-Baby
Spelunker Spelunker Hat
The relic The Relic
Sack of pennies Sack of Pennies
Odd mushroom(Large)Odd Mushroom (grande)
Odd mushroom(Thin)Odd Mushroom (delgado)
Ouija Board Ouija Board
Mr Mega Icon Mr. Mega
Bag of Bombs IT Bomb Bag
Little-Chubby Little Chubby
Steve Little Steven
Little-chad Little C.H.A.D.
Icono Wrath of the LambDaddy Longlegs Icon Daddy Longlegs
Icono Wrath of the LambSMB Super Fan Icon SMB Super Fan
Icono Wrath of the LambIPECAC Icon-1- Ipecac
Icono Wrath of the LambThe Black Bean Icon The Black Bean
Icono Wrath of the LambBloody Lust Icon Bloody Lust
Icono Wrath of the LambTough Love Icon Tough Love
Icono Wrath of the LambThe Mulligan Icon The Mulligan
Icono Wrath of the Lamb3 Dollar Bill Icon 3 Dollar Bill
Icono Wrath of the LambMutant Spider Icon Mutant Spider
Icono Wrath of the LambThe Peeper Icon The Peeper
Icono Wrath of the LambPolyphemus Icon Clásico. Polyphemus
Icono Wrath of the LambBum Friend Icon Bum Friend
Icono Wrath of the LambTechnology 2 Icon Technology 2
Icono Wrath of the LambStigmata Icon Stigmata
Icono Wrath of the LambGhost Baby Icon Ghost Baby
Icono Wrath of the LambCeltic Cross Icon Celtic Cross
Icono Wrath of the LambAbel Icon Abel
Icono Wrath of the LambBobs Curse Icon Bob's Curse
Icono Wrath of the LambChemical Peel Icon Chemical Peel
Icono Wrath of the Lamblink=Harlequin Baby Harlequin Baby Harlequin Baby
Icono Wrath of the LambGuppys Hair Ball Icon Guppy's Hair Ball
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Lemon Lemon Mishap
Doctors Remote Icon Doctor's Remote
Momsbra Mom's Bra
Mr Bomb Mr. Boom
Shears The Pinking Shears
The Dice Icon The El D6
Bean The Bean
The Poop Icon The Poop
Kamikaze Icon Kamikaze!
Dead Sea Scrolls Icon Dead Sea Scrolls
Teleport Teleport!
Yum heart Yum Heart
Shoop Da Whoop Shoop da Whoop!
Monstros tooth Monstro's Tooth
Forgetmenow Forget Me Now
Peee8ouk Deck of Cards
Bookofsin The Book of Sin
Book Of Shadows Icon Book of Shadows
Moms pad Mom's Pad
Manuel IT Monster Manual
RaZoR IT Razor Blade
Hourglass The Hourglass
Game-Kid The Gamekid
Necronomicon The Necronomicon
Anarchist cookbook Anarchist Cookbook
Icono Wrath of the LambCrack Crack the Sky
Icono Wrath of the LambSpider Butt Spider Butt
Icono Wrath of the Lamb40px-Best Friend Icon Best Friend
Icono Wrath of the LambBloodRights Blood Rights
Icono Wrath of the LambTelepathy for Dummies Telepathy For Dummies
Icono Wrath of the LambRemote Detonator Remote Detonator
Icono Wrath of the LambD20 D20
Icono Wrath of the LambPortable Slot Icon Portable Slot
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