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Vanilla wiki

It's been quite a while since I played BOI Vanilla (+ WotL) and, while most items/trinkets/tarots are easilly remembered, some of the rarer stuff (mostly stuff I've come across only a few times, or not at all) has gone awol from my memory.

I decided to look up the wiki in my bookmarks, but most of the pages I've bookmarked in the past, if not all, appear to redirect me to Rebirth-related pages.

Did the Vanilla-wiki move? I've googled, but pretty much every result ends up being for Rebirth rather than Vanilla.

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• 1/8/2019

Help with the easter egg menu

Hey guys, sorry if this might be a stupid or useless question but could anyone please tell me how do i access the easter egg menu on afterbirth+ what i mean is like how do i open it thanks a bunch

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• 1/2/2019

What is the most broken build you have ever got

Please if you can send seeds we always have paper with us when we play
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• 12/23/2018

ANOTHER page restructure?

Has the page for WotL trinkets moved? Does it even still exist? I'm looking at the URL given above, and it seems to me there's a great deal missing. I can't find counterfeit penny, goat hoof, or the tick, for example.

I remember feeling like there must have been a major restructuring a year or so ago, and I FINALLY got to where I could find what I needed pretty reliably a couple months ago! I find myself wishing minor injury on whoever's responsible for this.

Trinkets The Binding of Isaac Wiki
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• 12/6/2018

Looking for good afterbirth+ seeds

I'm looking for good seeds for afterbirth+ could you guys give me some
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• 12/3/2018
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• 10/26/2018


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• 10/21/2018

Isaac glitch?

Okay, I may have accidentally found an Isaac speed run tactic in Wrath Of The Lamb. Sadly, I have no video of me actually doing this, but I can give you a detailed description on how to do this, so I can prove that I'm not full of crap.

So I was going for the Golden/Platinum god achievements, and I was going for all the challenge items. I was on the Lord Of The Flies challenge, and after a couple of attempts, I got a really lucky Bobs Curse and Epic Fetus combo (giving me poison missiles), and wiped the floor with Moms heart.

This is where things get interesting.

I beat Moms heart for the 8th time, giving me Money=Power (a really good item btw). Conveniently, the devil room to open Sheol opened. Since I never got Mom's Knife yet, I decided to go down. Though Sheol is a bit harder then the womb/utero, because of my OP synergy, it might as well have been a walk in the park. I beat Satan, got Mom's Knife, and beat Sheol for the second time. I skipped the Sheol cutscene, because theres really not that much of a point to see a cutscene for the second time.

I was caught off guard, because rather then seeing the Everything is terrible title screen, I was seeing Isaac on the umbilical cord (the title screen you see upon beating Mom's heart for the 9th time). Curious why this was happening, I checked the unlocks page. Sure enough, my future past awaits! I unlocked It Lives. I checked if I got the ending that indicated that In unlocked It Lives. Surprisingly, I did have it. I even went as far as to go and beat The Womb, and who knew? It Lives was the boss I was facing.

So I wanna know, can anyone tell me why this happened? Has anything similar to this (or hell, just a glitch) happened to you? Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to share this. Lets hope I actually get some answers!

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• 9/19/2018
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• 9/19/2018
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• 9/19/2018

How to easily win BLUE BOMBER

Alright this is a strategy i discovered for blue bomber.

Step 1-

Start a run.

Step 2-

Wait until the first devil deal.

Step 3-
If there is Judas' shadow, TAKE IT. If there isn't, restart until it pops up

Step 4-
Kill yourself, then get some health upgrades.

Congratulations! Now you broke the game and can heal forever!
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• 9/19/2018
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• 9/19/2018
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• 9/14/2018

lol #4

sorry for spamming Tboi facts here... in wrath of the lamb, if you have poly and brimstone, do not take mutant spider or inner eye as it will cut your damage in half but in rebirth this combo would be OP
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• 9/14/2018

lol #3

kamekaze can be used without taking damage if you walk against a wall and use it, this is extremely useful for bosses.
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• 9/14/2018

lol #2

if you have harlequin baby and holy water, harlequin baby will turn into brother bobby until the holy water is used (some people say ghost baby does the same)
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• 9/13/2018


if you fight envy and a blue enemy appears, kill it last and it will count as killing super envy. So you may get forvever alone (this is in wrath of the lamb, I'm not sure if it works in rebirth but you could try :))
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• 8/27/2018

Down load

How do download the game on my android
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• 7/26/2018

Which Is Better?

I keep playing as ???, and don't know if Angel Rooms or Devil Rooms are better for my runs.
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• 6/26/2018


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